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Blasters, helmets, pre orders, and new armor kits now available!

*New Invoiced Shipping*

We primarily ship UPS Ground and International. Shipping is invoiced when the parcel is ready to ship. Full armor kits and finished armor sets ship free in the USA. International receives a $100 credit towards UPS International.

Expect lead times of 8-10 weeks for most kits and orders.  Ready to wear builds are 6 months or more.  

Email us for custom quotes.

Why Choose Us?

 Who Are We? We are a group of costuming enthusiasts and general fun-lovers and shenanigans-committers who just really love making and wearing costumes and props from movies and video games. We are proud to have two found members of the 501st on board our staff. We are a part of Parjai Squad out of Pensacola Florida, hence the 850 in our name (that's our phone area code!). We travel for conventions, for costume appearances, and to indulge our desire for feasting and debauchery.

Our Policies. Have fun with YOUR armor. Make it look like the picture. That's all it takes to build a great costume. We build our kits for us first and others. We like to share the joy of the hobby of building armor with everyone. What you receive from us is exactly what we use plus some know how and a handy shop full of junk. If you don't feel like you can do one of our kits justice, get back in touch with us for a commission build or see your local 501st guys and ask about armor parties. They're loads of fun and a great way to meet your fellow troopers while building your armor. We sure like hosting armor parties here and certainly hope they're just as much fun for you!

Customer Testimonials

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At a 501st event for a little girl's bday this past weekend I decided to take a swim to cool off thanks to the Florida heat. 

Armor held up great. Zero issues. It was light weight enough that I had no problem staying at the surface, where a fiberglass suit would have most likely had me sinking like a rock. Belt stayed in place, no seams split, no joints failed.

Yep, I'm an 850AW fan boy. But do your own research. Shop around. Look at prices. Look at delivery times. Look at what you get for what you're paying. The kits are designed from the start for wearability, flexibility, and the ability to customize it to fit you regardless of height/weight. 

You'll pay half the price of most other armorers out there for a quality kit that won't crack and split like fiberglass or 3D printed pieces do under pressure.

— with Kalavera del Lobo and Jessica Hampton.

James Hampton
local celebrity

About Us

If you're here, you may have already been following us for a while.

We truly got started because the right people, tools, and knowledge were all available together at the same time. We have provided armor, costumes, helmets, and weapons as 850 Armor Works since 2016 in Pensacola, FL.

We specialize in 3D modeling, 3D printing, vacuum forming, resin casting, rubber mold making, rotational molding, and product design.

Our products are hand made. They are not perfect. There will potentially be minor imperfections that do not affect the overall look and design. In fact, this is standard for any armor maker. If there is a true defect, we will address it with you privately and provide means to resolve it. We live in a "used universe" where weathering, distressing, blast marks, and carbon scoring from being on a star cruiser will derive. Sanding, filling, and elbow grease are a part of this world. No movie prop is perfect.

We have a love for our fandoms, but we also work with inventors for prototyping. If you have an idea, we can help.  


We work in a hot Florida warehouse in the summer and a cold Florida warehouse in the winter.  We literally have an open door policy, but appointments are required.  We are not always staffed or prepared for visitors.

3610 N Palafox St

Pensacola, FL 32505

Monday Through Friday

10am to 4pm


Armor parties and appointments


Armor parties and appointments